Mission US wins the 2021 Japan Prize!

Congratulations to the team behind Prisoner in My Homeland for winning the prestigious 2021 Japan Prize for Best Work in the Digital Media Division (The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize). Juror Florent Maurin said of the game, “As a jury, we were seduced by how The WNET Group harnessed the power of gaming and put together an engrossing interactive story in order to draw middle and high school students’ attention to these little-known and dark moments in American history. In a time when tensions between communities and anti-Asian racism are suddenly vivid in the US and worldwide, we think programs like Mission US have the potential to help us learn from history and avoid repeating past mistakes, and for us that makes it the best work in the digital media division this year.”

Read about the Japan Prize and the other impressive honorees, whose important contributions to the field of educational media were recognized this year, on the Japan Prize website.

Senior Producer Michelle Chen accepted the 2021 Japan Prize on behalf of Mission US: Prisoner in My Homeland at the virtual award ceremony.

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