I’m new to Mission US. How do I get started?

To play the full game, you need to register (by clicking “Create Account” on the top-right corner of the website) to create your own login and password. When you log in, your game information will be saved to your account every time you play, allowing you to easily stop and resume progress later.

After registration, go to the homepage or PLAY page, locate the game you’d like to play, and click “START MISSION.” This will take you to the game’s landing page, where you’ll click “START MISSION” one more time to launch the game.

For help using the game in the classroom, see USING MISSION US IN THE CLASSROOM below.

Do I have to pay for Mission US?

No! Mission US is entirely free. Anyone can register to play Mission US at no cost. We do not require an email address or any personal identifying information to create an account.

How do I register to play?

Click “Create an account” (in the top-right corner of the website), fill in the information requested on the form, and click “Submit.” This will log you in to your new account and you’ll be ready to play Mission US.  

I can’t remember my password!

Click “Forgot your password?” (at the bottom of the log-in screen) and follow the instructions to reset your password. You will need to remember your username to reset password. If you don’t remember your username, you will need to re-register and create a new account.


There are three ways to play Mission US: web streaming, PC/Mac downloadable, or tablet app. Each has its own technology requirements.


The streaming version requires a computer (including Chromebooks) and a web browser. An internet connection is required to play. The streaming version does not work on iPads, smartphones, and similar devices.

For Crown or Colony?, A Cheyenne Odyssey, City of Immigrants, Up from the Dust, Prisoner in My Homeland, and No Turning Back are built in Unity and streamed online via WebGL. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for best results. Apple Safari does not allow the game to be played in full screen, but should otherwise work. Microsoft Edge works as well, but Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support WebGL. All missions should work on any computer manufactured in the last five years. Older computers will generally be fine if they have at least 1GB of RAM and an up-to-date browser.

Unfortunately, Flight to Freedom is not currently available as a streaming version. The rebuilding process has begun, but we do not yet know the timeline for its availability.


PC and Mac downloadable versions are available for For Crown or Colony? PC downloadables are available for A Cheyenne Odyssey, City of Immigrants, and Prisoner in My Homeland. A Windows 10 App that runs on Windows-based PCs is available for Up from the Dust.

For For Crown or Colony?: There are separate downloadables for Macs and PCs. These do not require a browser or Flash Player. PLEASE NOTE: The Flight to Freedom Mac downloadable will only work on older Macs because it is a 32-bit application.

For For Crown or Colony? and A Cheyenne Odyssey: A downloadable Chromebook app is now available. It does not require an internet connection to play.

For City of Immigrants and Prisoner in My Homeland: There is currently a downloadable version available for PC only. It does not require a browser or Flash Player.

For Up from the Dust: A free Windows 10 app is available in the Microsoft store and should run on most PCs and Windows devices.

Tablet and Chromebook Apps

Free Chromebook apps are available for For Crown or Colony? and A Cheyenne Odyssey.

Free iPad apps are available for For Crown or Colony?, Up from the Dust, and Prisoner in My Homeland.

A Windows 10 app is also available for Up from the Dust.


How do I continue my game where I left off?

After you launch a mission, if there are any saved games, you will have the option to “Continue.” If you select this option, the saved game that is furthest along will be loaded. This is most likely the last game saved when you finished playing in your previous session.

I’d like to use a particular part of the game in class, but don’t want to play all the way up to that point with my students.  How can I skip to that point in the game?

You can do this by pre-playing the game beyond the point that you want to start with your class, saving the game, and then loading the game at an earlier point with your class. See “How do I save and load a different game?” below for additional details on how to do this.

How do I save and load a different game?

The program will automatically save the game throughout the experience so that “Continue” functionality will be much more accurate than in earlier missions. However, the player can only have a single save game at a time. Starting a new game will erase any previous save game.

In addition, the program will save progress at a few key checkpoints throughout the game that the player can load (choose “Scenes” or “Select Scene” from the “Main Menu,” then “Load Game”). Loading a game rewinds the current game to the loaded checkpoint (all progress beyond that point will be lost). This loading feature is intended for players who want to try a different set of decisions and see how they play out.

What is “Demo Mode”?

“Demo Mode” is a feature accessed by clicking “Scenes” or “Select Scene” from the “Main Menu,” then “Demo Mode.” “Demo Mode” allows you to pick up at several key moments and play through the end of that part. “Demo Mode” does not save game data and will not affect your current save game. “Demo Mode” is designed for teachers who want to quickly jump to a place in the game to use as a small- or whole-group experience.


The streaming version of the game does not play smoothly and/or runs very slowly on my computer.  Is there a way to avoid these problems?

For settings where the internet connection or technology setup is not sufficient to handle streaming the game, we also offer several of the Mission US games as a downloadable application. The downloadable version still requires an internet connection since the game utilizes an online database to save your game, but will run better in most settings where the streaming version does not play smoothly.

What should I do if the game is crashing, freezing, breaking, etc.?

If the crash or freeze is preventing you from continuing the game, please restart your browser and try loading a game that is at least one save earlier than the one you were previously playing from, and continue playing from there. If that doesn’t work, you may need to erase all data and start from the beginning. To do that, please clear your browser’s cache and cookies and restart the browser. If you continue to experience a crash or a freeze, please report it to us as explained below in “Report a Bug.”

How do I report a bug (crash, freeze, error, etc.)?

If you spot an error or “bug” in any of the Mission US games, please make sure that you are running the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer. If the error persists, please report it to us by emailing us at Be sure to send us the following information:

1) Let us know which mission you were playing, which version (streaming or downloadable), whether you are using a Mac or PC, which operating system, and which web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).

2) Give us a detailed description of the bug. During which part/scene in the game did the bug occur? What happened before the error occurred and what did you see on screen? Did any error messages pop up? Were you able to recreate the bug more than once?

3) If possible, please include a screenshot of the game as it looked when the error occurred.

Help! We’re having technical issues and can’t figure out what’s wrong.

If you need further assistance that your school’s tech support staff (if any) cannot offer, send an email to and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.


Has Mission US been tested with teachers and students?

Yes – Education Development Center (EDC) has completed several major research studies that have found measurable gains in students’ historical knowledge and skills, and yielded positive feedback from teachers. See Research and Outcomes for summaries of studies to date.

Where can I get more information about ways to use Mission US with my students?

We have a wealth of support materials and information on using Mission US with your students – both in the classroom and as a remote learning tool – in the TEACH section of this website. You can also visit our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed to connect with other teachers using Mission US in their classrooms.

Does each student need their own account to play?

For the web streaming versions of the games, each student will need to register for a free account and log in to play, since this is how our system saves game data so that progress is not lost. Ideally, each player should have a separate account, as there can be technical issues when multiple players log on and play from the same account simultaneously.  If it’s simpler for your class, you could create accounts for all of your students in advance and then assign login credentials to each student. Please note that our registration system does not require email addresses or any personally identifying information, and usernames do not have to be connected to users’ real-life names in any way.

The iPad versions do not require an account or login to play.

I’m experiencing formatting problems with the classroom documents I downloaded. What’s wrong?

Print-ready files are available in PDF format in the TEACH section.  We make the DOC format available to provide teachers with the option to customize the materials for their classrooms.  Settings on your computer and the version of Word you are using may alter formatting of Word documents. To download documents with the original formatting intact, please use the PDF format. 

What happened to the class I created on the website?

As of January 2012, we have discontinued the “Create a class” feature to eliminate reported technical problems and confusion. If you registered prior to this date, your teacher account and all of your students’ accounts should still be active and fully functional, but you will no longer be able to track your students’ progress via our online system. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are in the process of piloting a new teacher dashboard/classroom management system, but don’t yet know when it will become publicly available.


To learn about Mission US, the team, our development process, research, outcomes, awards, and more, visit the ABOUT page.  Get updates about Mission US on Facebook and Twitter.  To share your feedback or for assistance, email us any time at