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a note to parents and teachers

Mission US is committed to teaching complex topics in American history. We recommend that educators and parents/caregivers preview game content to ensure it is appropriate for your students/children.

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1770 the american revolution

For Crown or Colony?

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1866 westward expansion

A Cheyenne Odyssey

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City of Immigrants

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Up from the Dust

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Prisoner in My Homeland

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1960 The Civil Rights Movement

No Turning Back

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1848 the antebellum era

Flight to Freedom

Teach mission us

Mission US includes extensive teaching materials for each mission. The educator guides feature:

Mission Preview

Link to preview or play the Mission.

Classroom Activities

Document-based activities, vocabulary builders, writing prompts, review questions, and more.

Overview Information

Essential questions, gameplay guides, standards alignments, and more.

Classroom Videos

Professional development videos showing educators using the missions with their students.

Historical Background

Information on characters, events, and other historical content in the games.

Primary Sources & Resources

Primary sources and suggestions for further reading, viewing, and research.

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Developed for use by middle school students in the classroom and beyond, Mission US is a deeply-researched, award-winning educational media project with proven positive impact on history learning. To date, more than three million registered users across the country have played and learned from Mission US.

Mission US is committed to teaching complicated and sensitive topics in American history. We recommend that teachers/parents preview game content to make sure it is appropriate for their students/children.

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