Credits: A Cheyenne Odyssey

A Cheyenne Odyssey was developed in close collaboration with representatives of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe at Chief Dull Knife College, a tribally-managed institution on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in Montana. President Richard Littlebear and his colleagues consulted on educational content, scripting, design, and casting for the game, and all actors voicing the roles of the Northern Cheyenne characters are Northern Cheyenne themselves.



Ann Fabian, Ph.D.
Professor of History and American Studies, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Christina Gish Hill, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Iowa State University

Richard Littlebear, Ph.D.
President, Chief Dull Knife College

Jeffrey Ostler, Ph.D.
Beekman Professor of Northwest and Pacific History, University of Oregon

For American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning
The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

Lead Content Developers: Pennee Bender, Ph.D., Joshua Brown, Ph.D., Leah Potter
Researcher: Jeremy Garron

For EDC Center for Children and Technology

Senior Research Scientist: William Tally, Ph.D.
Research Associate: James Diamond, Ph.D.

For Electric Funstuff

Executive Producer & Game Designer: David Langendoen
Lead Developer & Game Designer: Spencer Grey
Sound Design, Music, & Casting: Audiobrain

Lead Animator: Rob Clarke
3D Artist and 3D Animation: James Hung
2D Artists: Rob Clarke, James Hung, Tom O’Donnell
Character and Costume Design: Ivonne Karamoy
Additional Sound Effects: Adam Pogoff

Writer: David Langendoen

Tools Programmer: Dale Gordon
Technical Assistant: Jordan Ephrom

Additional Game Design: Luke Gehorsam, James Hung
Production Assistants: Lili Gehorsam, Luke Gehorsam
Testing: Luke Gehorsam, James Hung

Producer: Chris Seifert, Montana PBS
Cultural Consultant: D. Gaehel Littlewolf-Spencer
Historical Consultant: Julie Dial and staff, Western Heritage Center
Additional Consulting (Chief Dull Knife College): Mina Seminole, Josette Woodenlegs
Recording: Gil Stober, Peak Recording

Music by Joseph Firecrow:
“Eastern Breeze” (“Night Walk”) (c) Joseph Firecrow 2012
“Pretty Bird” (“Fire Crow”) (c) Makoche Music/BMI 1996
“Coming Home” (“Fire Crow”) (c) Makoche Music/BMI 1996

Voiceover Artists:
Hunter Barrus (Two Moons)
Michael Bowers (Crooked Rabbit)
Jace Killsback (Uncle)
David Langendoen (Agent Saville)
Dr. Richard Littlebear (Narrator, Chief Little Wolf)
D. Gaehel Littlewolf-Spencer (Little Fox, older)
Beau Plenty Hawk (Little Fox, younger)
Detrich Shoulder Blade (Porcupine)
Marsha Small (Mother)
Eddie Spears (Many Horses)
Michael Spears (Black Moon)
Josette Woodenlegs (Calling Bird)


Executive Producers: Jill Peters, Sandra Sheppard
Producer: Michelle Chen
Associate Producer: Ana Voci
Production Coordinator: Eliana Cruz
Interns: Jihoon Kim, Daniel LaPook, Lauren Leonard, Megan Schumm, Samantha Seid, Elizabeth Walsh

Senior Director, Educational & Community Outreach: Christopher W. Czajka
Curriculum Consultant: Eva Abbamonte
Education Support Staff:  Lauren Schwarze, Janice Fuld, Andrew Yamato, Christina Draper

Logo Design: Brian Whitehill
Music Supervision: Rosie Fishel
Budget Controller: Adiata DeVore
Attorney: Laura Ball
Marketing and Communications: Kellie Castruita Specter, Kristin DiQuollo, Suzanne Rose, Donna Williams
Publicity: Winter Group

Vice President, Programming: Stephen Segaller