Credits: Up from the Dust


Lori Flores
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Stony Brook University

James N. Gregory, Ph.D.
Professor of History, University of Washington

Neil M. Maher, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History, Rutgers University, Newark

Christopher P. Moore
Historian and Curator, The New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Ph.D.
Professor of History, Iowa State University

For American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning
The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

Lead Content Developers: Pennee Bender, Ph.D., Joshua Brown, Ph.D., Leah Potter
Researchers: Peter Mabli, Ph.D., Heather Wilson

For EDC Center for Children and Technology

Senior Research Scientist: William Tally, Ph.D.
Research Associate: James Diamond, Ph.D.
Research Assistant: Lucy Nelson

For Electric Funstuff

Executive Producer & Game Designer: David Langendoen
Lead Developer: Dale Gordon
Sound Design, Music, & Casting: Audiobrain

Lead Animator: Rob Clarke
3D Artist and 3D Animation: James Hung
2D Artists: Rob Clarke, James Hung
Interface Design: James Hung
Character & Costume Design: Ivonne Karamoy

Instructional Design: Leah Potter
Lead Writers: Benjamin Galynker, Leah Potter
Additional Writing: David Langendoen

Senior Producer: Benjamin Galynker
Additional Game Design: Benjamin Galynker, Luke Gehorsam, Leah Potter

Additional Programming: Luke Gehorsam
Tools Programmer: Dale Gordon
QA Testing: Nicola Morris, Corrin Offenholley
Teacher Testing: Scott Jackson

Voiceover Artists:
Nate Begle (Ray “Pa” Dunn, Anthony Amato)
Mario Golden (Roberto Lopez)
Emma Martindale (Ginny Dunn)
Molly Martindale (Thelma Mitchell)
Jayme Mattler (Trudy “Ma” Dunn, Mrs. Huff)
Dejamion McDowell (Edward “Ned” Shaw)
Sam Sherwood (Charlie)
Harrison Stringer (Frank Dunn)
Laura Beth Wells (Dorothea Lange)

The Delmore Brothers’ compositions, Blue Railroad Train and Freight Train Boogie, are used courtesy of Vidor Publications, Inc.

Special Thanks:
●    The XIT Museum
●    The Library of Congress and the Farm Security Administration
●    The Portal to Texas History
●    Dr. Toby Lepley, Texas A&M 4-H Faculty
●    Micah Holcombe, ‎County Extension Agent-4-H at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
●    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
●    Texas Department of Transportation
●    Texas State Library and Archives Commission
●    National Archives and Records Administration,



Executive Producers: Jill Peters, Sandra Sheppard
Senior Producer: Michelle Chen
Associate Producer: Samantha Seid
Interns: Ryan Cramer, Thomas Cresci, Angela Jorge, Spencer Serling, Jackson Thomley

Senior Director, Educational & Community Outreach: Christopher W. Czajka
Education Producer: David Wisnieski
Education Support Staff: Kevin Di Salvo, Akriti Macker

Logo Design: Brian Whitehill
Music Supervision: Rosie Fishel
Budget Controller: Adiata DeVore
Attorney: Laura Ball
Marketing and Communications: Kellie Castruita Specter, Kristin DiQuollo, Suzanne Rose, Donna Williams
Publicity: Winter Group

Vice President, Programming: Stephen Segaller