The boston Massacre

You work for a fictional future government agency called CARPA (Chronological Advanced Research Projects Agency) and are charged with recovering lost connections between elements of an historical archive that has become fragmented.

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Meet the Characters

Director Wells

The mission commander and guide, Director Wells is always there to share her insights and answer questions. Wells helps students make sense of the virtual world and reflect on their mission goals.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere, an engraver and silversmith, was a member of the Sons of Liberty. Through Revere, students learn about anti-British feeling in Boston and Revere’s role in shaping the story of the Massacre.

Ropewalk Tavern Customer

This tavern customer works at Gray’s Ropewalk, the site of a recent brawl between workers and soldiers. His thoughts reveal to students the complexity of soldier-civilian relations before the Massacre.

Loyalist Tavern Customer

This tavern customer was an eyewitness to Boston Massacre. Based on courtroom testimony, his recollections introduce students to conflicting accounts of events the evening of March 5, 1770.

Patriot Tavern Customer

This tavern customer has been stewing over a notice published by Captain Preston in the Boston Gazette. From him, students discover the depth of public feeling about the Massacre.


The tavernkeeper longs for the days before political tension turned Boston into a powder keg. Her perspective reveals to students the toll occupation has taken on the city and hints at Boston’s smuggling tradition.

Captain Preston

Thomas Preston, Captain of the 29th Regiment, sits in jail, brooding on the murder charges against him. Students must weigh his account of the Massacre against his need to prove his innocence.