Make sure to download the teaching materials for your mission. The teaching process is the same for both types of experiences: Web Streaming or Virtual Reality.


Mission brief

( 5 min )

Teachers will read or paraphrase
a short intro script—provided
with each mission—to prepare
the class for the VR


The mission

( 20-30 min )

Using either computers,
Chromebooks, or VR headsets,
students will engage in the
chosen TimeSnap.


Mission debrief

( 10 min )

Teachers will guide a discussion,
elicit students’ first
impressions of the experience,
and help them recall the events
and characters involved.
Materials are provided to support
this discussion.


Field note analysis

( 15 min )

Field notes are automatically
saved for students during the
experience. Using these notes,
students will work in pairs to
complete the Field Note Analysis
worksheet provided in teaching


Class discussion

( 25 min )

Teachers will guide a debrief
discussion of the field notes
analysis activity and discuss how
historians deal with conflicting
or fragmentary evidence.
Materials are provided to support
this discusseion.


Performance task

( 15 min )

Students will use their field
notes and the knowledge they’ve
gained from discussion to
complete a written
assignment—provided for each
mission—in class.